How to Choose a Professional Solar Installer

Posted by on Dec 1, 2020

Because of the 30 percent federal tax incentives and government grants from states and other funding agencies, solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are becoming more common. Sadly, this has led to a number of new and inexperienced solar companies in the marketplace as well. Any of these businesses could be out to take advantage of clients knowingly. It is very important to select a reliable, professionally-trained installer when contemplating the installation of a solar system to your home. By doing a little research and asking a few simple questions, you can reduce your chances of entering into a’ bad deal’. After all, for a solar photovoltaic array, you are considering spending and investing in a renewable system that can range from $ 10,000. Checkout¬†Solar San Diego-Action Solar Installation of San Diego.

There are some key items to be mindful of in choosing an installer. The solar field has a national board, like most professional areas, that grants certification to those individuals who have passed a professional examination. The responsibility for certifying solar professionals rests with the North American Board of Energy Practitioners, also referred to as NABCEP. Ask the installer that you are considering if they are accredited by NABCEP. Don’t just take his or her word for it but to check it, go to the NABCEP website. You may also ask for references from the installer, but bear in mind that these may be incorrect. It is safer if you can visit a solar installation and ask the owner about his/her experience with the business you are considering dealing with renewable energy. Google the name of the business to see what additional details you can find, other than what the company has posted on their website.

What kind of history is there for your installer? Is there prior job experience in a similar sector or is there prior experience in an industry entirely unrelated to the solar, electrical engineering or roofing industries? “solar company”solar business”solar bandwagon”solar bandwagon. You should wonder in this case how this previous experience translates into a technological industry such as solar. To deal with high voltage DC electricity, roof waterproofing, structural integrity and protection of your house, a certified solar company has the required skills.

Without a proper site visit or without sufficient details, is the potential installer making production claims? One such local company is known to offer a 54 percent reduction in electricity bills to consumers without even doing a proper site assessment or understanding the electric bills and energy efficiency level of the homeowner. Do you get pressured by the installer for a fast sale? Typically, these types of systems are not marketed in a single business partnership. It typically takes time to carry out the right evaluation of the site and to develop a system that is successful and tailored for your unique situation and needs.

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