SEO – A Complete Guide

Posted by on Mar 17, 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the volume and quality of site traffic from major search engines to a particular website or web page. SEO targets both free and paid traffic and thus, SEO is often termed as ‘PPC Marketing’ since it uses these two kinds of traffic in its favor. You may want to check out Five Channels SEO for more. For the uninitiated, SEO may be likened to marketing your products or services via the internet while PPC marketing is like using the telephone or television to advertise your products or services. SEO is one of the most effective methods of attracting free and paid web traffic to a particular website and PPC marketing is probably the best way to attract this kind of traffic for an advertiser.


Free traffic is generally referred to as ‘unpaid traffic’ while paying traffic is generally described as ‘high quality traffic’ i.e. targeted. Free traffic consists of all traffic that originates from users who do not make any purchase offer, while paying traffic comprises of traffic that is made as a result of a purchase or other payment. SEO uses various techniques such as key phrases, regular updating of website content and search engine optimization techniques to attract ‘unpaid traffic’ and bring them to a website. Free traffic can sometimes become quite difficult to control but PPC marketing helps you to direct these visitors in your direction and improve your ranking in search engines.

In case of SEO, the process works like this: The website is made popular through the use of appropriate keywords and key phrases, paid links are added to these keywords and advertisements are placed on these sites. These ads are usually made visible to users searching for similar items that were mentioned in the ad that came up on your site. These advertisements are called sponsored links and they can sometimes increase your position in search engines especially when your keywords and key phrases are highly searched for by advertisers. SEO thus helps in driving a high volume of traffic to your site.

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Internet Marketing Training To Ensure Great Online Presence

Posted by on Feb 26, 2021

Internet marketing is the most successful way to maximise the revenue of one’s online company. And add to that, it also helps to build and boost a company’s web presence. If you wish to take advantage of the various advantages of search engine marketing, you must partake in internet marketing in the appropriate fashion.Have a look at for more info on this.

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the business, there is no need to be worried since there are several marketing preparation opportunities accessible online, such as internet marketing training. These workshops are highly detailed, focused on the basics and main points of search engine marketing such that you are well-prepared to take on the online environment. You will be able to arm yourself with the right and the requisite information and skills to carry your online company to great heights with the aid of the SEM training online programmes. Different areas of SEM preparation are protected, such as pay for click training, Google ads and AdWords.

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click service provided by the world’s most popular search engine. They are incredibly valuable resources in online marketing strategies and play a significant role in supporting an online enterprise. PPC preparation should be done to profit tremendously in order to properly appreciate the pay per click. There are many lucrative rewards of PPC preparation if it is performed correctly.

Below, some of the service benefits are listed:

Obtaining instant Google rankings.

Easily hit the target markets, whether local, national, or foreign.

You wind up paying explicitly for AdWords. Payments are rendered only after the clicks have been collected successfully.

Measuring and thoroughly knowing the web site’s conversion capability before making more expenditures.

You pick your own terms.

Choosing your own publicity ads and checking them.

Staying at the edge of prospects when browsing for the facilities and goods you sell.

Original business analysis as well as future markets are provided in this service. The aims of your website’s content targets are used to set up your AdWords strategy. Why delay any longer, then? To make the huge difference to your online company, get moving now and opt for SEM training.

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Things To Consider Before You Register A Domain In Zimbabwe

Posted by on Jan 23, 2021

This article is on the problems facing South African marketers. As a South African, I have been trying to establish myself in internet marketing, for the last three years, but have come across a number of obstacles, which have proved seriously detrimental to my efforts. If you are South African, you can probably relate to this. If you have been battling what seem insurmountable odds, or if you are new to this concept, the message is the same. Stop wasting your time and your money on what is bound to be nothing less than – wasting your time and your money. If you are an internet marketer, who is not South African, you should also read this, as you are leaving money on the table. Click more info here.

South Africa is a part of Africa and is considered as a third world country, with the perception that the second largest continent is nothing more than a waste of time, in the field of internet marketing. I beg to differ.

Yes, Africa has not progressed as much as the so called first world countries, but it is taking giant strides towards that. The advent of internet is only just beginning and the vast majority of the population still have no access at all, but it is coming and it is coming fast.

South Africa is the most technologically advanced country in Africa and not far behind the standards of the other technology rich countries, but we are seriously lacking in internet technology. Internet is new to South Africa and has only just begun to catch on. It is experiencing phenomenal growth and more and more businesses and individuals are hooking up. All of the major cities are able to offer various means of connection such as ADSL, bluetooth, wireless and people are getting connected on their pcs, laptops and cell phones. A largely rural populace are battling to get connected and the only option available to them at this stage is the old antiquated dial up system using a telephone line or satellite. Promises have been made by government, that in a few years, everyone will be able to get a telephone and therefore, will have internet access available to them. Unfortunately dial up is not a very satisfactory method as service is erratic, expensive and very slow. Satellite is extremely expensive, but offers greater speed and reliability.

Recent political changes, have reversed the fortunes of the South African population, in that the previously disadvantaged black community, now have money and the fine things in life, including access to the internet. Whereas before they wouldn’t have been considered a viable market, they are now able to access the internet and dabble in small business. The whites on the other hand now find themselves out of work and desperately seeking alternative means of income. Both groups make good target markets. The internet is the biggest employer in the world and does not recognize age, color, education, physical disabilities, wealth etc. Everyone has equal opportunity, well, almost everyone. Not South Africa.

Something like 70% of the S.A internet community, access the internet on the computers at their places of employment and as much as two hours each workday, is lost to private usage of the internet. If the price of internet access was cheaper, all these people would use it at home. Millions are searching for opportunities on the internet and the fact that crime is rampant only makes them more determined, to start a business from home. This is a huge potential for marketers. So what is the problem?

For some reason, probably the old apartheid days, South Africa was boycotted by the wealthy first world countries and nobody has told them yet, that times have changed. South Africans suffer many discriminatory obstacles in the use of the internet and over the last few years, I have repeatedly been stumped by these. I have two messages of advice here. To the frustrated, aspirant South African marketers and those who will follow shortly, stop and listen. Do not waste more time and money trying all sorts of offers, you will not succeed. Rather use the time to brush up on your skills. Select a market niche and learn to use control panel, FTP, html, php, hyperlinks and all the other things, that will help you to run your business. Wait for the solution. I have enlisted the help of two of the world’s top marketers to find a way around the problems, for you. To the marketers who are knowingly, or unknowingly discriminating against certain countries, you are leaving money on the table and missing out on a huge potential market. But, that’s okay, I’ll take it.

You are probably wondering what problems I’m talking about and how they are affecting our chances of success. If you have been involved for a while, you have probably encountered a few and if you are a newbie, you are likely to come across these problems soon.

As the internet is still relatively new to South Africa, we don’t have many experts or experience in the field. Those calling themselves experts, have limited knowledge and are too expensive, when compared to overseas competitors. Simple things like service provision, web hosting, design and site building, software, tools, optimization and advertising, are grossly overpriced. In most cases, they are bought overseas and resold here. I was given a quote of R120 (17) per month, for basic, small web hosting, excluding the domain and excluding the ISP. That was only the hosting. I was quoted R6000 (857) for a designer, to look at one of my websites and to make a couple of small changes. It is crazy. We pay between R8 and R12 for an mp3 song, which costs from 10c to 90c in USA.

The state owned telecommunications company,Telkom, have the monopoly and squash all opposition. This has led to very highly priced access and an indifferent service. Nearly all packages offered by them, or sub contactor service providers, are restricted and capped.

Overseas companies, offering opportunities, services and resources require a fixed email address, at the time of joining. This is to prevent temporary accounts and others such as Hotmail, from being used, as it is very easy to cancel, or change, after joining and the marketer is left with a useless address, in his contact list. South Africans have another problem, in that most of our suffixes, such, telkomsa, za, are not allowed. Usually your country is required and many of the drop down menus have small, insignificant countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius, Ivory Coast listed, but not South Africa. Why?

We have no shopping carts and payment processors, suitable for international use, or integration, into overseas websites and the biggest culprit is PayPay. They are the first choice, worldwide and any marketer not offering PayPal, as a means of payment, is seriously disadvantaged. Why then, do they not deal with South Africa? Sure, you can make a purchase through them, but they will not collect monies for you, or allow you to make a withdrawal, if you are South African. Other smaller countries are catered for, but not S.A. There are other options, but none as popular. Most payments, affiliate plans and opportunities, pay through PayPal. I joined dozens of respected affiliate plans and spent a great deal of effort, on advertising, before I found out the truth.

There are no local, South African internet companies, for memberships, product sourcing, resources, search engine optimization etc, so we have to look abroad. Although these are offered reasonably, overseas, we are still subjected to the exchange rate. At present the rate is 7 to the $, 14 to the Pound and around 9 to the Euro, but even so, it is usually cheaper, than our own prices and of course you are spoilt for choice. I compared prices recently, on satellite connection. USA charges $40 per month for unlimited access, whereas Telkom charges R1700 ($243) per month, for a service capped at 3 Gigs.

With all the conferences, seminars, teleseminars, video training and group discussions unavailable to us in S.A, how are we expected to learn and to keep abreast of developments? Dial up is not powerful enough and anyway it is limited to times between 7pm and 7am, which is a bad time, as even if you stay up all night, it is roughly midnight to midmorning in the States.

Anyway, there does seem to be a solution for you. As I said earlier, I have teamed up with two of the world’s top marketers and together, we are trying to resolve these issues. We will put together a complete, turnkey package deal, a ready to run business, with domain, hosting, website, content, decent affiliate plans, a stream of products, an exclusive membership, a working shopping cart and payment processor, training and ongoing support, a proven plan, optimization, AdSense and other monetized methods for those poor South Africans, who want to be marketers. The hardest part of having your own business, is setting it up and getting it working. You will be able to enter the market place and do very well for yourselves, with our help, so in the meantime, there are a few things you must do.

Familiarize yourself with market trends and choose a niche market, in which you want to trade. Start practicing the basics and learn how things work. Get your mind sorted out. Tell yourself you can do it and will change your life. Sign up to our newsletter and mailings. If you really want to finally realize your dreams, give up the job, work from home, earn a good income, have flexibility and satisfaction, and be competitive in the international arena, then there is only one way you are going to acquire this – through us.

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The Death of Local Citations Consoles

Posted by on Jan 21, 2021

What is a citation? A citation is where your business name and address is mentioned on another website. Google looks for these citations as part of their regular web crawl. When Google finds a citation about your business, they will give you a “point”. You receive this point whether there is a link or not leading back to a website. More citations, means more points, which results in a higher ranking. Click

Google also uses an algorithm called “Trust Rank”. Trust rank is a patented search program whereby various weights are allocated to different sites based on the “expert status” of the person who annotates the website. While Google does not say that they use the trust rank algorithm for Google Maps, it would make sense if they did. What does this mean in regards to your business ranking? It means that some citations are going to be worth more than others. For instance, let’s say you own a barbecue business. A listing in the Better Business Bureau for your business will be ranked higher than a listing on “Bubba Bob’s Favorite BBQ Restaurants” That’s because Google will probably think that Bubba Bob has less “authority” than the BBB.

So how can you get citations? As you promote your business, join associations, and participate in community activities, over time you will probably garner a few citations. But….can you accelerate this process? Yes. Just think of it as another way of promoting your business, because after all, all you are doing is listing your business in some form of a directory.

An ideal way to accelerate the number of citations you have is join Universal Business Listings. By using their service, all you have to do is post your business listing once. Then Universal Business Listing will automatically post your information to all of the major Search Engines, the major Online Yellow Pages, information directories (411), and many other industry directories. You can join for free, but to have your business details submitted to other directories you will have to pay a yearly fee of $30. By paying the fee once a year your business will be submitted to many directories & data providers, including the,,, and Acxiom. These major databases form the foundation of the search engines’ local indexes. It will take about 2 to 3 months before you will notice an increase in citations from these sources, so be patient.

You can also visit other blogs to increase your citations. Find a few blogs in your industry and make a few, relevant comments. Link to your business in the comment (it doesn’t matter if it is a follow, or a no-follow link, the citation still shows up). Ask the blogger to recommend you, or better yet, blog about you. Contact your local newspaper(s) and see if they will list you on their website. Finally, take a look at your competition. Google currently lists all citations so you will be able to see what others are saying about your competitor. If your competition has a citation from a source, then you should try and get a citation from the same source.

Build your citations slowly. Be consistent. Just like link building, slower is better. If you all of a sudden flood your Google Maps listing with citations, then Google will get suspicious and you could find your listing plummeting from number one all the way to last place. If you get a lot of business from your Google Maps listing, that could really hurt! If you do not have time to build your own citations, then consider contacting a local internet marketing firm. Marketing consultants can usually do this for you at a very low cost.

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Seo course Consoles

Posted by on Jan 21, 2021

Optimizing your website during its development stages can instantly draw visitors to it as soon as it goes live in the Internet. Unlike other site owners who worry about generating traffic only after building their websites, you can immediately see your visitor stats moving upward with SEO website development. Here is the recommended resource.

SEO methods include content writing, encoding techniques and other electronic tactics which will tremendously increase site traffic. SEO can be time-consuming to learn and implement on your own so that the fastest way to boost your visitor stats is by hiring an expert to handle your SEO website development.

WordPress advantage

Content management system

The secret behind SEO lies in how your website’s content appears to the search engine bots that crawl the internet regularly. Search engine bots collect data appearing in domain names, title tags, meta tags and other sections of your website. Users of WordPress format observe how search engines readily find content found in their websites. Every time you post fresh content on your site using WordPress, you will notice movement in your site stats almost immediately.

Flexibility for customization

Create a buzz on your website by standing out from the rest. Customizing your website for SEO purposes is easy using the WordPress control panel. The WordPress system also includes a media box where you can paste HTML codes of interactive tools to add a unique feature to your site. This option makes adding videos, opt in boxes, online surveys, and any other interactive tool a simple task which has tremendous potential for boosting your site’s stats.

Blog boosting features

Drawing visitors to your webpage is not enough. You should also be able to hold the attention of your audience and get them to interact with your website by buying things, answering questionnaires, submitting comments and subscribing to newsletters among others. The WordPress control panel is a powerful tool for boosting site traffic by giving you sidebar features such as “Recent articles”, “Recent comments” “Most popular articles”, front page features and excerpts which encourage visitors to linger in your website.

Ensure the success of your online business with SEO website development. Not every web designer has the ability to create an SEO website. Select only one who has a proven track record, expertise in WordPress CMS, and professionalism to create an SEO website for your business.

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Brink Unlimited SEO- What Does an Advertising Agency Do?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2021

An advertising agency can be defined as a business that is service based and is mostly dedicated to planning, creating and handling of advertising for all its clients. Mostly an ad agency is independent from a client and also provides an outside point of view to an effort that helps selling the majority of client’s services and products. This agency can also handle the overall branding and marketing strategies as well as the sales promotions of a majority of its clients. The typical ad agency clients also include corporations and business, government agencies and a variety of non- profit organizations. These agencies may also be hired to produce radio commercials, television commercials, out of home advertising, mobile marketing, online advertising and AR advertising. All these processes are part of the advertising campaign organized by the advertising agency. Checkout Brink Unlimited SEO.

Why should you use an advertising agency?

People mostly think of these agencies as a manager of expensive and large advertisement campaigns for the majority of big brands. However most of these advertising agencies can make all their money by running a few small ad campaigns and also placing the advertisements in the local media. These agencies can also benefit from any size of business and this is possible if you keep in mind the best way to use this agency.

– Expertise in advertising

Most of the businesses turn to these agencies mainly because of their expertise and also specialized knowledge. These small businesses in particular may not always have their very own department for marketing and thus they may need the depth of this expertise that any advertisement agency may or can provide. These agencies may also have a lot of access to these researchers, artists, media buyers, film makers and various other experts who can provide the exact know- how that these small or medium businesses are not able to afford. All these small agencies for advertising may specialize on one of these particular areas of expertise. It is one of the important things to remember.

– Saving of time and money

Using a good and a reputed advertising agency can be very helpful in saving a lot of money and time. This is because when you hire an advertising agency, it means that you and your staff have no need of spending time to develop an ad campaign. You can free your staff from all the hassles of advertisements and this can be very helpful to you.

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