Activated Carbon Odor Combatant

Posted by on Sep 15, 2020

The planet today is full of stinky stuff. There are items in daily life from the toilet to the kitchen which can cause a nose to curl. Activated carbon, however, can rapidly remove odours in the home , office or commercial building. While many products merely mask or cover up odours, activated carbon will absorb the odour once and for all and remove it. There are several ways that activated carbon can be used to eliminate odour inside a house. Activated carbon may be used to remove it, whether the scent is a persistent or sporadic odour. Visit us on Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

Air Filter Systems

To help remove the odours in the building, an air filtration device can be mounted on the air supply to any building. The air filtration device can be used in the circulation process if there is a central heat and air device at the house. In bathrooms that are used by various workers, a free standing air purification system may also be used. These devices are much more effective than any other form of odour removal.

Masks Blocking Odor

There are activated charcoal masks that can be used by those who work or play in conditions that do not appeal to their noses. These masks work to prevent the nose from reaching the smells. It is sucked up against the carbon as the odour passes through the mask and kept there, removing the odour. For those dealing with trash, waste, or cleaning materials, these masks are fine.

Elimination pads for flatulence and Inserts

To many today, flatulence is a concern. This disorder is faced by many individuals due to a high paced world and fast food restrictions. Fortunately, flatulence pads are now available that can be used to remove the odour that accompanies flatulence. For those in an office, these pads can be inserted into a chair. There are also flatulence pads, however, which can be put within the undergarment to remove odours.

Scent Eliminators for Livestock

In order to remove the odour that surrounds pet ownership, activated charcoal may also be used. There are a lot of smells that can come from boxes of garbage, floor spills, and messes made in the yard. Activated carbon can however be emitted in the form of a powder. This powder can be sprayed inside the litter box, on the carpet, or outside in the yard. It can be sprinkled on and then vacuumed up for use on the carpet, but it can be left in some areas to continue working. Using it around pets is perfectly healthy and will not cause any harm if they eat it.

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