The Care and Feeding of Your Garbage Disposal

Posted by on Sep 8, 2020

Most people don’t worry about disposing of their garbage before something goes wrong. It is like any other appliance which needs proper use and regular maintenance. A good disposal can last 10 years or more, with proper treatment. If during your kitchen remodel you added a new disposal make sure you keep it clean! Click here Garbage Removal Near Me for more details.

How to clean your tank

Regular cleaning is required to ensure that bacteria are not retained in your disposal and to eliminate damaging build-up. There are a few ways to clear out your disposal. One includes grinding up ice cubes, which also cleans the disposal and sharpens the blades. Some scientists say bleach is the best way to get rid of potentially dangerous bacteria. A teaspoon of bleach is recommended, followed by a litre of water. Others recommend pouring down a cup of vinegar and leaving it for an hour to extract scale from inside the device. If the scent of disposal is a concern, smile a slice of lemon.

Using the garbage disposal properly

Only put small quantities of food down the disposal and make sure that each piece is reasonably small. Cramming too much down on your pipes at once can create a clog. Run cold water to disposal as you feed food into it. Water helps grind up the food and encourages the waste to continue to move through the pipes. Avoid adding highly fibrous materials such as corn husks and artichokes, or hard objects like shells, large bones, glass or metal artefacts. Even too much pasta will produce a clog in one go.

How to Repair Blockages

Still look for lost objects with a pair of tongs or the like. Never put your hand to disposal. A short can happen, and it can hurt your side. However, removing a foreign object is essential; it can dull the blades, or jam the device. You can click the reset button at the bottom of the unit under your sink if your disposal stops running altogether. Try turning the wall switch on and off if that doesn’t work. This causes a movement of jerking that can dislodge the object, so you can remove it with tongs.

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