Quality Customer Service

Posted by on Oct 27, 2020

What does being a Trusted Customer Service Advocate mean? To be genuinely effective in providing service, the many collaborative individuals who are part of the dynamic chain in delivering customer satisfaction need to be acknowledged and assisted. Learn more by visiting Insights 101.

As an executive in a multinational manufacturer’s service company, it was reasonably easy to admit that it would be impractical for me to manage every customer issue or escalation personally. The sheer number of customers and the potential for escape in a well-run process were more than any single person could juggle, even with excellent quality product. Luckily, the quality of the people in the service company and the quality of the network of service providers is commensurate with the brand ‘s renowned quality. This complete quality circle was focused on transparency, truthful communication, and trusted cooperation.

Counsel for the people

Mark Blevins put it best when he said, “service pays for the sins of the past.” Service organisations do not develop the product, the process, or the promise, but when one of the three prior viewpoints fails to deliver, service organisations have to address the problems. Very frequently, until long after the ads, advertising, and income are long gone, the issues do not surface. Service companies continue to offer options for goods that have long since been overlooked by the distribution and marketing pipeline. These questions, of course, can not be ignored. There is a stated or implied commitment to the market, there is a relationship to be established and retained with the customer, there is reputation, and there is a consideration of potential business.

In a service organisation, it takes a very unique kind of person to operate. Every day is full of attention to understanding and addressing various customer concerns. There is generally very little warning about what kind of problems are going to intensify, or the perceived magnitude of each one. Very frequently, topics hold a large amount of emotional baggage. It is difficult to circumvent the emotional baggage on the path to the root cause of the question, if not impossible. Customer service partners then have the added responsibility of having the customer bear their luggage before the issue is resolved. To be a bellhop for emotional baggage on a regular basis takes a huge amount of sensitivity and courage, while also becoming a detective to solve the issues with a very small number of clues. Needless to say, big hearts, broad shoulders, and an unbelievable sense of humour will define customer service partners.

A primary role in a customer service organisation for any executive or manager is to provide as much assistance, understanding, and security as possible to these associates. The burden of emotional baggage may often become too heavy. The issue or the resolution can be too elusive often. The companion just needs a helping hand often, or someone to recharge the kindness and empathy they have just expended on clients. Often, when the policies they are attempting to defend are not keeping pace with other environmental changes, the community only needs a little defence, and the associates are caught in the current of transition. A representative of this community must be an advocate for the individuals, listening carefully to their needs and offering the tools needed. A true advocate will not only provide the requisite resources and empowerment for customer service associates to please consumers, but will also provide resources and empowerment to build and achieve personal professional goals for customer service associates.

This advocacy dedication is not limited to management. In the camaraderie that is demonstrated inside the trenches, this activism is anticipated and represented. The customer service partners help and protect each other in the trenches as attacks, grievances, and violence fly overhead like so many misdirected bullets. It is this loyalty to one another that gives strength when it is often not enough to fulfil the joy of supporting a thankless customer.

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