Surgery – Pre-Surgical Preparation

Posted by on Oct 27, 2020

Surgery is a medical discipline which uses surgically guided instruments and surgical procedure to examine or correct a specific pathology like a disease, an injury or deformity, to restore or enhance bodily function or look or to fix some unwanted internal ruptured tissues. Most of the patients undergoing surgery are under general anesthesia. The surgery requires the intervention of both anesthetists and a physician. Patients undergoing surgery undergo several procedures such as breast implants, removal of adhesions, cosmetic surgeries, neck and spine surgery, tummy tucks and more. The surgical process of surgery includes preparation for the surgery and a surgical room. A patient may be required to wear a hospital gown while in the surgical room. For more info see here.

Preoperative preparation: The patient is usually screened for diseases, allergies and the like. If a patient has any pre-existing medical conditions, the doctor makes sure that he or she is able to undergo surgery safely. This is very important since patients with chronic diseases like HIV or cancer can’t undergo surgery because they are considered a high-risk subject. In such cases, the doctor is also very careful when administering anesthesia to the patient so that any side effects are minimal. Sometimes the patient is asked to refrain from consuming food and liquid for up to two days prior to the surgery.

The preparation of the surgery site: An incision is made along the midline of the breast and the surrounding tissue is cut through the incision. Next, the surgeon uses an electric scalpel to cut the incision. This process is followed by the removal of excess tissue from around the incision. The incision is stitched, cleaned and sealed using a suture. A bandage is then placed on the site to provide adequate support during the healing period.